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Volunteer Opportunities

Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers

Say "Hello!" to the HAV's!

Who are the HAV's? They are the wonderful team of volunteers and auxilians who donate their time, skills, and talents to support our community hospital. They lend a hand wherever help is needed. They do everything from assisting the hospital departments to making stuffed Hug-A-Bears for young patients.

Volunteers and Auxilians are people who make a difference because of the role they play in meeting patients' needs or providing services and lending support to our healthcare community. Volunteers and Auxilians set an example for all of us... they work for the satisfaction of helping others. When you volunteer at DeSoto Memorial Hospital, you'll enjoy many rewards. You will feel a sense of accomplishment, learn new skills, meet new people, make new friends, and make an invaluable contribution to your community.

Volunteers have the opportunity to match their skills and interests with meaningful assignments. As part of the healthcare team, volunteers broaden and diversify staff efforts to meet the hospital's goal of providing comprehensive health care. There are many areas in which volunteer help is needed and scheduling is very flexible.

The HAV's operate the Gift Shop and are active throughout the year with fund-raising activities, which benefit patient-care programs at the Hospital.

It is our hope that you will gain satisfaction from your volunteer work, encouraged by the fact that your time and efforts are greatly appreciated by the hospital staff and most importantly, by our patients, your neighbors.

For more information on becoming a member of the DeSoto Memorial Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary, please call 863-990-0225.

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