Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

A full array of services is offered through the Radiology Diagnostic Imaging Department.

Patient appointments start as early as 7:00 a.m. and can end as late as 4:30pm. Most Diagnostic Imaging Services require an appointment so please call Scheduling at (863) 491-4389. X-rays are handled as walk-ins. Please visit our Registration Department 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

General Diagnostic X-ray- radiographic and fluoroscopic x-ray procedures are performed.

Nuclear Medicine- The GE Discovery 630 System is capable of both cardiac and general diagnostic nuclear medicine imaging such as thyroid uptake scans, bone scans, lung scans, HIDA studies and gastric emptying exams.

MRI- We offer a full array of MRI services with our GE 1.5 Tesla magnet such as, MRI of the head, neck, spine, extremities, abdomen and pelvis. Additionally, we perform MRI Arthrograms of the shoulder, hip and knee.

Mammography- DMH offers 3D mammography in our ACR accredited mammography suite.

Bone Densitometry-The Norland XR36is used for the evaluation of bone density and strength. This service is provided to assess a patient’s risk for osteoporosis and osteopenia.

CT- The GE Optima scanner provides quality imaging and faster scan times for patient comfort and convenience. The department performs general diagnostic studies of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, and extremities, as well as Computed Tomography Angiography studies for the vascular system (angiography), CT myelograms and CT guided biopsies.

Ultrasound- DMH has 2 state-of-the-art Ultrasound units; a Phillips HD-11 and a GE Logiq E9. Both units have 3D/4D capability for OB imaging as well as general diagnostic imaging and echocardiography capability.

Breast Biopsies-DMH is able to provide ultrasound guided breast biopsies utilizing the Mammotome Vacuum Assisted Elite Biopsy System. This system is a single insertion method which results in better tissue quality enabling a reliable diagnosis and an easy minimally painless biopsy.

Interventional Studies- DMH is happy to offer interventional procedures such as PICC and Central Line placement, Nephrostomy Tube Placements and changes, Thoracentesis, and Paracentesis.  Port placements, lumbar punctures, myelograms, joint injections and more...

Biopsies-Liver, Kidney, Lung, Thyroid, Bone, and many others. Please call us for additional information at (863) 491-4389.