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The Culinary & Nutrition Solutions Patient Ambassador Meal Service Program is designed to personalize the menu ordering process and “Nourish” each patient’s health.

The foundation of the program is the Ambassador who is the direct link from the food service department to the patient and nursing staff. The Ambassador is assigned to a specific group of patients and provides personalized food service to these patients for each meal. After each admission, the Ambassador will visit the patient to explain the daily “Chef Special” menu. Prior to each meal, the Ambassador will check with the nursing team to ensure the correct diet order. The Ambassador will then visit the patient and verbally provide the menu selections for that meal. This selection is sent to the kitchen where each tray is customized for the patient.

The Ambassador will supervise the assembly and delivery of each patient tray for each meal. After the meals are delivered, the Ambassador will revisit the patient to offer additional food and beverage if desired. This “just in time” meal selection allows the patient to select the food items they prefer before the meal service. The Food Service Ambassador is an integral part of the Patient Service Team. This personal attention for each meal guarantees accurate diet orders and timely meal delivery.

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