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DMH Keystone Alliance

January 2020

It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce the formation of the DMH Keystone Alliance (Where Health Care Thrives).  The specific goal of the DMH Keystone Alliance is to enhance the philanthropic activities of DeSoto Memorial Hospital.  Why the Keystone Alliance?  “Keystone” by definition represents the core, the linchpin, or the cornerstone of any organization and projects the fundamental goal of our efforts.  An “Alliance” is a union or association formed for the mutual benefit of an organization.  Our “Keystone Alliance” shall be the center of our efforts to form new relationships, develop old relationships and cultivate those relationships for the benefit of the Hospital. 

Future updates coming soon.

Questions, please call:

Vince Sica, CEO

(863) 494-8402



Sarah Hipp, Marketing/Public Relations

(863) 993-7601

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