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Corporate Compliance

The Compliance Program helps to promote ethical decision-making in the business of healthcare.

Compliance is about honesty and integrity.  Honesty in dealing with

     •  our patients,

     •  the public, and

     •  the government

It includes honesty in the way we do our work even when no one is looking.

Compliance is about respect.  Respect for;

     •  our patients,

     •  their families and significant others,

     •  patients’ rights to make informed decisions about their care,

     •  privacy, confidentiality, and security of information, and

     •  all of our co-workers.

Compliance is about following the rules. The rules are found in our policies and procedures and in laws and regulations. It’s about knowing limits and asking questions if we don’t know the answer.

Compliance is about us collectively, as a health care organization and us as individuals doing the right thing.

Contact the Compliance Office by letter, email, or calling the Compliance Hotline.

Send us a letter

Corporate Compliance Office
DeSoto Memorial Hospital
900 N Robert Avenue
Arcadia, FL 34266


 Compliance Hotline 


(844) 965-3495     “Callers have the option to remain anonymous”

Click here to access our Corporate Compliance Program Manual.

Click here to access our Code of Conduct.

Click here to access the Notice of Privacy Practices    (click here for Spanish).

Click here to access our Nondiscrimination Statement    (click here for Spanish).


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