Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Arcadia, FL

Also serving Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Punta Gorda and Surrounding Cities

DeSoto Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation Medicine clinical team is comprised of licensed physical therapists, registered/licensed occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants, and speech/language pathologists. The Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy department specializes in Orthopedic and Neurologic Disorders, Industry Related Services and Occupational Therapy.

To reach DeSoto Memorial Rehabilitative/Physical Therapy:

Call: 863-494-5691

Physical/Mailing Address:
1006 N. Mills Avenue
Arcadia, FL 34266

We devise individualized treatment plans to help achieve each patient's specific goals. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our high-quality clinical care, positive interaction with patients, complete, timely communication to physicians and case managers, patient education programs, and prompt appointment availability.

The demographics of today’s society continue to underscore the strong need for physical rehabilitation services. DeSoto Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation Medicine clinical team will continue its leadership role as a locally driven provider that is focused on making a positive difference through excellence in clinical care and customer services.

Our goal is to respond with both confidence and integrity to the needs of our patients, employers, employees and insurance providers – by offering consistent quality care, personalized attention, and open communication.

We are prepared to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our community with same-day appointments.

Acute Therapy:

Acute Rehab begins as soon as possible after an injury. Treatment often utilizes standard modalities and procedures with a focus on pain reduction and the restoration of range of motion. It is designed to provide the appropriate therapeutic intervention, which will stimulate recovery of the injury and promote healing. Usually Acute Therapy is used as an introduction to more aggressive forms of rehabilitation to restore complete function.

Functional Restoration:

Functionally based programs focus rehabilitation or the restoration of function and the reintegration of the injured person back to pre-injury level of function. Conditioning, proper body mechanics and safety training, medical monitoring, pain management, self-management techniques and hands-on therapy, as appropriate, are all used to restore the injured patient’s neuromuscular, cardiovascular and behavioral capabilities.

We offer care for:

Orthopedic Disorders: Neurologic Disorders:
1. Back and Neck Injuries/Surgeries
2. Back Safety Education
3. Shoulder Injuries/Surgeries
4. Knee Injuries/Surgeries
5. Foot & Ankle Injuries/Surgeries
6. Osteoporosis
7. Sports Injuries
8. Knee injury prevention program
1. Stroke Rehabilitation
2. Speech Disorders
3. Developmental Delay
4. Pediatric Care
5. Balance Disorders

Industry Related Services: Occupational Therapy Services:
1. Cumulative Trauma Disorders Education
2. Fit for Duty Evaluations
3. Jobsite Analysis
4. Functional Job Descriptions
5. Ergonomic Assessments
6. Modified Duty Programs
7. Injury Prevention Programs
8. Work Conditioning
9. Return to Work Programs
1. Stroke Rehabilitation
2. Functional Activities Training
3. Home management skills following injury, cooking, dressing and independent living skills.
4. Work reintegration, adaptive equipment, materials or skill training.

Pediatric Services: Hand Therapy Services:
1. Developmental Screening
2. Evaluations for educationally relevant therapy
3. Treatment of children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, developmental delays, genetic syndromes, fetal, and alcohol syndrome.
4. Establish home and school based programs
1. Carpal Tunnel Screening
2. Hand Injuries/Surgeries
3. Splinting
4. Post stroke management of the hand
5. Adaptive equipment training