The Cardio-Pulmonary Department has experienced therapists who specialize in respiratory therapy services and the acquisition of electrocardiograms. The therapists are experts in:

  • the establishment and maintenance of artificial airways
  • ventilator, bipap, and other airway pressure therapies
  • precise delivery of oxygen concentration
  • techniques to aid in the removal of secretions from the pulmonary tree
  • therapeutic use and monitoring of broncho-dilator therapies
  • deep breathing, coughing, postural drainage, chest percussion and vibration, and naso-tracheal suctioning
  • physician ordered diagnostic tests such as pulmonary function test, spirometry, and blood-gas analysis
  • acquisition of electrocardiograms

Respiratory therapists are important members of the healthcare team and respond to emergent requests, to all ob deliveries, natural or c-section, and all routine care requests