Medical Staff

The purposes of the Medical Staff of DeSoto Memorial Hospital acting through its duly appointed and functioning Clinical Departments and Committees and in accordance with these Bylaws shall be:

  • To monitor the quality of medical care in the Hospital and to make recommendations there-onto the Board;
  • To make recommendations to the Board concerning the appointment or reappointment of an applicant to the medical Staff of the Hospital, to recommend to the Board, the Clinical Privileges such applicant shall have in this Hospital and to review and evaluate on a continuing bases such Clinical Privileges as have been granted, and to recommend to the Board any appropriate action that may be necessary in connection with any Medical Staff member;
  • To establish procedures whereby issues concerning the Medical Staff and the Hospital management or Board may be addressed;
  • To establish specific rules and regulations to govern actions and professional responsibilities of members of the Medical Staff;
  • To provide and appropriate educational setting that will maintain scientific standards, lead to continuous advancement in professional knowledge and skill, and encourage and support such clinical and basic research as is authorized from time to time by the Board; and
  • To cooperate with universities and other institutions, where appropriate, and undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate education.


Functions of the Clinical Sections
(Medical and Surgery Sections)

The primary responsibility delegated to each Clinical Section is to implement and conduct specific review and evaluation activities that contribute to the preservation and improvement of the quality and efficiency of patient care provided in that section.

Medical Executive Committee

The Medical Executive Committee (MEC) shall consist of: The President, the President elect, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary/Treasurer and the Sections Chiefs.

Organization Quality Management Committee

Medical Staff Quality Management – Department Medicine/Surgery

The Organization Quality Management committee will review those aspects of medical care rendered in the Hospital as deemed appropriate by the Medical Staff including blood utilization review, mortality review, infection control review, utilization studies or audits, and any other duties assigned by the President of the Medical Staff or the Medical Executive Committee or as requested by the Board pursuant to the Performance Improvement Plan or Utilization Review Plan.

Pharmacy, Therapeutics and Nutrition Committee

Duties of the Pharmacy, Therapeutics and Nutrition Committee shall be to examine and survey all drug utilization policies and practices within the Hospital in order to assure optimum clinical results and a minimum potential for hazard. The Committee shall assist in the formation of Medical Staff policies regarding the evaluation, appraisal, selection, procurement, storage, distribution, use, safety procedures, and all other matters relative to drugs in the Hospital.

Utilization Management/Medical Records Committee

The UM/MR Committee shall review and evaluate medical records. The Committee shall also review Medical Staff and Hospital policies, Medical Staff Rules and Regulations relating to medical records, including medical records completion, forms, formats, filing, indexing, the use of microfilming, if appropriate, storage and availability, and recommend methods of enforcement thereof and changes therein.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee

The duties of the CME Committee is organizing and implementing continuing medical education programs and supervising the Hospital’s professional library services.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall review the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Medical Staff at least annually and recommend amendments there to the Medical Executive Committee. In addition, the Committee shall receive and consider all recommendations for changes in these Bylaws and the Medical Staff Rules and Regulations from the Board, the Joint Conference Committee and the Medical Executive Committee, the Departments, the Medical Staff President, the Chief Executive Officer, Committees of the Medical Staff and any member.

Nominating Committee

The Committee shall present, fifteen (15) days before the meeting at which officers are elected, one (1) or more nominees for the office of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Presentation will be accomplished by posting of the notice of nominations in the mail to the Medical Staff.

Infection Control Committee

The duties of this committee shall be to maintain surveillance over the Hospital Infection Control Program.

Professional Practice Committee

To the Hospital, through the activities of its Medical Staff, assesses the ongoing professional practice and competence of individuals granted clinical privileges and uses the results of such assessments, when necessary to perform focused professional practice evaluation and improve patient care.